Victorian homes storing ‘down’

Mar 19, 2014

While it has long been popular to build ‘up’ or ‘sideways’ in an effort to garner more storage space in the home, adding extensions at the basement level not only adds more value to the property, but also preserves those all-important street-view aesthetics.

According to an article posted on the Herald Sun website, many Melbourne residents ‘dig deep’ to add a second or third level to their home, when ‘building down’ can be done at a fraction of the cost.

But while building extensions to add extra rooms to the home – whether they are to be used as living spaces, storage areas or car-ports – can no doubt add value (not to mention convenience) to your home, any type of renovation can turn in to a costly undertaking.

Further, not all homes are suitable for subterranean types of extensions, the website warned.

According to Australian Institute of Architects Victorian chapter president, Jon Clements, sloping blocks are best-suited to this kind of development, as some flat sights need a light-well installed to provide the required ventilation and natural light.

“One of the biggest problems is water ingress. You have got to have a builder with the experience to know how to do it. If it’s properly done, there’s no issue. But if it’s not, you have to start again,” Clements told the Herald Sun.

Other things to consider when adding a basement level to your home include: council restrictions; the type of soil involved; and protection – not only for your own foundations, but also that of your neighbours, the article said.

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