Packaging Tips

Handy Hints for packing your portable storage unit

On this page we have few packing tips and instructions that might be useful when moving and storing certain items into our portable storage modules. Our units are designed to hold whatever you please, but with a little know how you can rest assured your portable storage unit will not only store, but also protect your stored items. Items like furniture, breakables glass, fragile mirrors, wine bottles, picture frames, photo and paintings, clothing, books and papers, all have different ways of handling and storing. Read below to learn how to get the most out of your portable storage unit.


  • Protect your items with wrapper cloth. You can also use old blankets / towels etc.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom of the storage unit, and stack light items on top.
  • Pack your items as tightly as possible in the storage unit to prevent shifting and damage.
  • Try to distribute the weight evenly in your portable storage module (remove). Avoid packing all the weight to one side.
  • Use the proper sized packing boxes. Place heavier items in smaller boxes so they can be lifted more easily.
  • Fill packing boxes completely. This reduces shifting and helps prevent the cartons from shifting as well.
  • Securely close all packing boxes. Closed cartons take less space and provide you with greater protection.
  • Mark packing boxes with a list of contents. This will make finding things easier.
  • Place items you may need in the front of your module.


  • DO NOT load more than 1 tonne in one storage module.
  • DO NOT place flammable or hazardous materials in your storage module.
  • DO NOT store liquids in your storage module.
  • DO NOT let children play in, on, or around your storage module.

Store and Protect using our storage units specific packing advice


  • Use the smaller book & wine packing box for greater protection of your glassware.
  • Place heavier items in the bottom of the packing box.
  • Wrap each item individually with foam, bubble wrap or butchers paper.
  • Stack dishes on their side and glassware upright.
  • Pack all open space with paper to ensure a tight fit


  • Disassemble if possible – it takes up less space in your storage module.
  • Cover with cloth to protect from damage.
  • Wrap each item individually with foam, bubble wrap or butchers paper.
  • Most lounges can be stood on end to make the best use of space. Use blankets / towels to protect armrests.
  • Place mattresses and bases in a protective mattress cover


  • Clean appliances thoroughly before storing.
  • Drain all water from appliances before storing.
  • Tape down all moving parts.
  • Store light items inside appliances with proper padding.
  • Keep fridge & freezer door ajar to prevent mildew.


  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in butchers paper/bubble wrap & pack tightly into a packing carton
  • DO NOT lay mirror flat


  • Port-a-robes are best for storing clothing. Place shoes and folded items at the bottom of the box.


  • Pack books and papers into the smaller book packing cartons.