Furniture Storage in Sydney

There are many reasons why furniture storage in Sydney is in such high demand. Some people go on extended holidays and don’t want to pay unnecessary rent, others move overseas for work and can’t fit all their furniture into their new place, still more find themselves needing space after elderly parents or grown children move in.

The problem with furniture is that it is too expensive to throw out (especially if you may need it again in the future), it’s too big and bulky to simply keep in the garage and there’s just some pieces that you can’ bear to part with but don’t fit in with your current décor. That’s where Containaway can help. We can make furniture storage easy, cost-effective and convenient.

Containaway’s mobile self storage modules are engineered with maximum air circulation in mind. This ensures a constant air-flow while they are stored in our storage facilities, which means no mould and moisture build up. This is especially perfect for lounges and other fabric covered furniture.

When it comes to furniture storage in Sydney, you can trust that your belongings are in good hands. Containaway can help protect your furniture by providing mattress covers for all bed sizes, lounge covers, arm chair covers, dining chair covers and removals blankets.

The best part about Containaway’s mobile self storage containers is that we deliver them straight to your door. This means you don’t need to beg your friends to borrow their ute and, unlike traditional self storage, you don’t need to lift heavy furniture into the back of a truck and then unload it at the other end. Each storage unit sits only 20cm off of the ground, which means no dangerous or difficult ramps to navigate. That way you have less chance of damaging your furniture from dropping it off the ramp and more importantly less chance of hurting your back or rolling your ankle. Plus you only need to load it once or, if you prefer not to lift a finger, for a nominal fee Containaway can load the container for you. Once your furniture has been loaded, we simply come and pick the container up and take it to one of our self storage facilities.