Defence department trials activity-based working

Mar 03, 2014

With the internet and cloud computing making it easier to work remotely, a number of businesses – including the Australian Army – are discovering the benefits of virtual offices.

In a previous Containaway Blog post, we spoke about the pros of renting a virtual office, such as saving money, increasing your professionalism, increasing productivity, and getting your sanity back while helping the environment.

According to recent a report from IT News, the Australian Army is the latest organisation testing-out flexible workplaces, with 150 army staff members set to trial ‘activity-based working’ over the next six months.

The idea behind the concept is to introduce more flexible working conditions for Defence personnel, and the trial will see staff members work within zones, rather than from a single assigned desk.

While this may sound like the perfect set-up for numerous office workers around Australia, virtual offices also have their downfalls – one of which is the lack of space to store your business needs.

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