Mobile Storage Sydney

Mobile self storage is still a relatively new phrase. When most people think of self storage, they think of large warehouses where you bring your truckload of goods and unload them into a small space you have hired.

But mobile self storage in Sydney is better, because put simply, it’s mobile. Here’s how it works:

  1. You call Containaway and request one of our specially-designed mobile self storage units. (you can choose from three different sizes depending on your needs).
  2. We deliver the storage unit direct to your door.
  3. You pack your mobile storage unit in your own time.
  4. You call Containaway to pick up the storage unit and one of our professional, certified drivers takes it and stores it in our state-of-the art facilities with high-tech security.
  5. You call Containaway when you want your storage unit returned.

It’s that easy!

Mobile storage in Sydney means:

  • No more hiring of a truck
  • No more working frantically to pack it so you don’t get charged for an extra hour
  • No more scouring for friends confident enough to drive a truck in Sydney
  • No more wasted days packing a truck only to drive 10 minutes up the road to unpack it all and then doing it all again when you want your belongings back.

With Containaway, because you only load and unload once, there’s less double-handling and less risk of damage to your belongings. Plus, when you no longer need your items in storage, you can opt to have your mobile self storage container delivered to an alternate address. This is perfect for people who are building new homes or relocating.

Watch our mobile self storage video to see how simple it is.