Self Storage Modules

Containaway differs from many other self storage companies in that we bring the storage space to you. This is thanks to our unique mobile self storage units.

Rather than paying for a large storage unit in Sydney that you don’t need, Containaway’s storage units come in two sizes.

You can determine which size unit you need, and how many, by using our easy Storage Calculator. Work your way through the table, adding standard items of furniture from the list, taking the guess work out of it for you.


Our Mini storage unit is 1.2m high x 2.4m long x 1.6m wide and holds approximately 5m³. This is especially useful for storing a small amount of cartons, archive boxes, sporting goods, or de-cluttering.



Our Standard storage unit is 2.5m high x 2.4m long x 1.6m wide. It has a capacity of approximately 10m³, large enough to fit the contents of roughly a quarter of a house or a small 1 bedroom apartment. This storage unit can safely hold approximately 1 tonne.



  • Easy loading – Each Containaway storage unit sits only 20cm off the ground, providing easy and safe packing with no dangerous or difficult ramps to navigate. Our Standard and Apartment storage units have one large door that swings out for easy loading, while our Dollar Saver unit has a wide flip-top lid.
  • Designed to reduce mould– Containaway storage units are made out of durable plywood which allows the contents to “breathe”. In addition, each storage unit is 20cm off the ground to allow efficient air circulation. This means that while in our storage facility, your goods are kept free from mould and moisture build up.
  • Protected from the weather. All of our storage units are protected by a weather-resistant cover while they are outside your home or business waiting to be packed by you.
  • Secure – Each storage unit is steel-framed and clad in 9.5mm high-impact resistant plywood. No screws or nails can be removed as the sheeting is fastenend internally. All units can be secured using your own padlock.