Self Storage Pricing Information

When it comes to cheap self storage, Containaway is the perfect solution.

Our mobile self storage solution is not only more efficient than traditional storage rental; it is far more cost effective. Because we bring the storage unit to you, you don’t need to hire a rental truck to take your goods to a storage facility. You also save money by packing the storage unit yourself.

Mobile self storage is a cheap storage solution for many reasons. You can pack the storage unit yourself which greatly reduces the chances of breaking precious and expensive items. In addition, mobile self storage means less double handling. Unlike traditional self storage models, you don’t need to load a truck at your house and then unload it 20 minutes later when you get to a storage facility.

Containaway can provide cheap storage because we don’t require our customers to pay a bond to rent the storage unit, nor do we charge for you to access your goods at our storage facility. We also offer flexible monthly contracts with payments deducted from your bank account by direct debit or your credit card. The benefits of being month-by-month is that you can cancel at any time without being locked into paying for a storage space you don’t need.

Containaway can also help reduce costs by offering three different storage containers of varying sizes. Using our Storage Calculator, you can determine the size and number of units you require so you aren’t paying for excess storage space. If you are still unsure of how many storage units you need we can deliver an extra one in the initial delivery – if you do not use it there will be no extra charge.

Our self storage prices start from as little as $105 per month for the Mini module, less than the cost of buying a cup of coffee every day for a month. That’s certainly cheap storage in Sydney.